Tuesday, 10 February 2009

To-do list.

So I mentioned that I'm new here, both to the online community and the actual physical city in which I live. (Valladolid, Spain, see photo). I came here with just a box of acrylic paints (which I no longer use) so it has taken me a while to regain my materials and a little store of artworks.
Now I'm ready to have an exhibition! It's a matter of looking through the phonebook and emailing photos. Wish me luck.

Other artistic projects going on- I seem to have somehow involved myself in (partner) Salva's undertaking to organise a series of world music concerts in various sites throughout the city... 

I am designing the poster, which allows me to stay in the 2 dimensional world where I am most comfortable. Theoretically, I'm also preparing an installation for the opening night... It will be a mass of empty bird cages hung from the ceiling, and I want to make them myself from wire. The problem is that I am seriously inexperienced with 3D things, so I will be snooping around today adding blogs, in a bid for some kind of technical support!

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