Monday, 23 March 2009

Indian Yellow

Has anyone read this?

I found it so inspiring, I actually went to buy a pad of arches and set myself the task of painting 14 watercolours in 14 days.

They aren't anything to write home about. Very reminiscent of my teenage paintings with a lot of wild lines, scribbles and collage thrown in. A big veer away from the collection I'm working on, but that's ok. Good to try new things, and GREAT to find such an inspiring read. I might post some pictures later (yes, I'm a little self-conscious).

An interesting side point- Last night I was splashing around in watercolour happiness using a nice, mid-priced set I bought last year, only to find it had no indian (saffron) yellow, or even deep cadmium. Cadmium pale and Primary Lemon.

I'd like to take advantage of this public communication vessel to celebrate the beauty of that colour, that's what that photo there is about.

We are so drawn to different shades and colours. I used to think I painted in blues to balance out the earthiness of my capricorn self. Now I use nearly all ochres, browns and beigey neutrals. So go figure.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Spaghetti con le Cozze

This is a funny French couple walking on the beach somewhere between Marseille and Toulouse (Sorry, I can't be more specific).  They were very calm and comfortable in each other's presence.

This Summer we bought a Fiat Fiorino and drove it over land to Valladolid, Spain, where we live. This was taken on the first day of the journey, somewhere around Naples.

A beach cafe in Puglia. (The South of Italy where Salva is from)

This is some grafitti we found in Puglia this summer. It reads 'Give me a kiss' which we found hilarious, as it is the catch phrase of the average southern Italian.