Tuesday, 26 May 2009

This Month

My first polaroid (and real camera, ever...) has brought me a lot of joy. Unfortunately, I need to get paid (win the lottery?) in order to be able to afford some more film packs. I don't want to have to write "sigh", but that is what I'm doing.

The first few attempts are obvious self-portraits in mirrors around the place.

Salva took this one in Belgium of me grooming the Murga Mascot.

And this was taken at El Minuto by the Cordially Acidic one, otherwise known as Chukias Isolabella.

Then I think I got the hang of it. Now, I don't want to have to draw a smiley face ":)", but that's what I'm doing.

Please intervene if I write " I heart Polaroid..."

I've also been painting.

I've added these to my Flickr where I'm building an online portfolio. It's embarrassingly lonely over there. Just saying.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I went to Antwerp, Belgium this weekend.

It's all about bikes and beer.

No really, it's more about music, art, community, culture, and all of those nice things that we miss a little bit living here in Valladolid.

I've lived in a lot of different places ever since I was a child, and so am good at just adapting to my surroundings.

As content as I am here, however, this weekend made both of us miss living in a dynamic, arty city, and one other thing:

The friends that we stayed with live in a sweet little quarter with pots of flowers in the footpaths and a pedestrian-type pace.

Our house is beautiful, spacious, white and wooden, and filled with streaming light. It's also incredibly ours. However it is situated above the main road connecting Valladolid to Madrid, and most other places. Traffic. Horns. Sirens. -In other words, sometimes we also crave a bit of silence. Like now.