Tuesday, 2 June 2009

London In Polaroid

Not London, on London polaroid film pack. I went to make a wish on a huge dandelion last week and accidently pulled the entire plant from the ground by the roots. Then I planted it in a pot. I took this as we were leaving.

Salva took this of my best friend Andy and I...

I'm very reluctant to say this, but I've been to London 6 times now (all short stays) and I've never seen it overcast.

Salva and Andy at Greenwich.

A train passes under Andy's roof terrace.

Some of his neighbours have a sweet little picnic. They were extremely disturbed when I asked permission to take this photo, but followed my instructions (fear?) to act as though I wasn't there....

Well it's now June.

I can't believe nearly half of this year has slipped by already. I went to London on the weekend, with the intention to make it an art-related trip. I designed a new business card and prepared my portfolio before leaving, but, alas, I was not meant to publicise myself this weekend.

My IT and organisational skills leave a lot to be desired. I probably sit dangerously close to the technological disaster side of things. Inconvenient when trying to launch even a humble, mini-career in art.

The business card was not printed, therefore, not distributed and this has made me feel a little bit, well, bad.

Photos by Salva

Has anyone ever observed the way British people greet you with "You Alright?"?
- It really catches me off-guard... ("What, am I bleeding?")