Tuesday, 2 June 2009

London In Polaroid

Not London, on London polaroid film pack. I went to make a wish on a huge dandelion last week and accidently pulled the entire plant from the ground by the roots. Then I planted it in a pot. I took this as we were leaving.

Salva took this of my best friend Andy and I...

I'm very reluctant to say this, but I've been to London 6 times now (all short stays) and I've never seen it overcast.

Salva and Andy at Greenwich.

A train passes under Andy's roof terrace.

Some of his neighbours have a sweet little picnic. They were extremely disturbed when I asked permission to take this photo, but followed my instructions (fear?) to act as though I wasn't there....


  1. these are great! I love the potted dandelion.

  2. LOve all your pics. So neat.

  3. polaroid love.
    this is bliss.
    thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE the polaroids! I just left a comment on a previous post about your new artwork as well.
    LOVE it!
    have a great weekend,

  5. Everything is so SUMMER in your shots (including the washed out/faded by the sun polaroidy look!). Love 'em. And getting all weather jealous.

  6. I love these pictures Hailey. It's funny I was talking about polaroids at work the other day and someone said they don't sell them here anymore. Ughh! ; )

  7. Oh so many things to see and write back about! I am so behind! I am still at my dad's and very anxious to get home. But, I'm trying to focus and play some catch-up with everyone before I get back so I can get to work right away.

    You and your friends are so gorgeous. You could be models or have a reality show or something! I'd watch. Your adventures fascinate and entertain me.

    I love polaroid pictures. I think, somewhere still stuffed away, I have a polaroid that I bought that I can use color or black and white film with and it leaves an even border around. You make me want to hunt that out again.

    All of your recent work looks wonderful and I am excited to see you working so much! The business organization side of things will come. I say that like I know what I am doing - I don't but I believe YOU will figure it all out.

    Until I get home and more caught up, hope you have creative and productive and fabulous days this week!


  8. Thank you so much Hayley. The first one is my favorite too. It is quite small. 6X6.


  9. Thanks Hayley for visiting! There is something nostalgic and authentic about polaroids, loved taking a glimpse into your London trip!

  10. I have serious polaroid envy.

  11. I am living in London... I love it and I like so much your polaroid... It's not a "vizio" it's a passion :)


  12. To blog esta lleno de fotos muy bonitas. Me gustan tus pinturas y collages....especialmente "Pregnant Fairy".
    Gracias por haber pasado por mi blog,


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