Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Move.

While I have been reading blogs, (this one and this one can be great for a giggle) I have, evidently, been writing nothing in my own. This is not because nothing has happened to me in over a month. I have actually been a very busy little version of myself.

I've been:
Painting. (see updated Flickr)

Moving house. How can two people living in an adopted country with no money or particular consumeristic inclinations accumulate so much stuff? Although we now have less stuff, our friends have vowed never to help us move house again.

Making jewelry, because it's summer (work) time and the livin' is not that easy....

If anyone is looking for me, I will be selling earrings on the beach in Sardinia, Puglia, then Corfu until September. This is NOT as glamourous as it sounds, believe me. I will try to document this as it happens, because the stories are funny, and many.


  1. I'm trying not to be bedazzled by the glamour-soundingness of your beach sales and instead wish you a bounty of instant sales so you can just lie around in a relaxed, holidaying fashion.

  2. your blog fascinates me! do tell stories of your beach sales!

  3. Hi Hayley! I've been pretty absent as far as blogging goes also. I've also not been visiting blogs as much this summer.Need to do a better job
    of staying in touch.
    Your above artwork is wonderful! I truly love it
    and I'm going to your flickr to check out more of your work.
    Hope your jewelry sales are fantastic and your summer is amazing.

  4. Wishing you an abundance of sales Hayley! Good to see you back.

  5. This is a very exquisite piece! Oh, I love the texture and serene vintage feel. So lovely! That doesn't even cover it - just an attempt to tell you how much I love it!

    Oh, it is too glamorous! You fibber! What a romantic perfectly glorious and creative young life you lead. To a middle aged boring mom and wife, it sounds pretty darn near glamorous. Can't wait to read the book you should write from this adventure in your life!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. oh how i want to comb those beaches and stumble upon your beauty!
    it does sound quite glamorous to me, so i will look forward to hearing the reality of it all when you have moments to share!

    and your above piece of work. w.o.w.
    it speaks so much, yet leaves a lot of space for creating right alongside you.

  7. I am witing for your funny stories...


  8. Hayley Hola, me fui a decir adiós, buen domingo.

  9. Hayley...miss you...can't wait to see some of those earrings on the beach pics! xx

  10. Good luck with the sales. Wish I was headed for the beach. Love your new pieces!

  11. hi hayley! your work is amazing! hope you are having a wonderful summer! can´t wait to see the pics! besos-jane

  12. can't wait to hear about selling your jewerly on the beach. and believe i know all about the moving and finding that you have more stuff then you could possiably imagine.


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