Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I went to Antwerp, Belgium this weekend.

It's all about bikes and beer.

No really, it's more about music, art, community, culture, and all of those nice things that we miss a little bit living here in Valladolid.

I've lived in a lot of different places ever since I was a child, and so am good at just adapting to my surroundings.

As content as I am here, however, this weekend made both of us miss living in a dynamic, arty city, and one other thing:

The friends that we stayed with live in a sweet little quarter with pots of flowers in the footpaths and a pedestrian-type pace.

Our house is beautiful, spacious, white and wooden, and filled with streaming light. It's also incredibly ours. However it is situated above the main road connecting Valladolid to Madrid, and most other places. Traffic. Horns. Sirens. -In other words, sometimes we also crave a bit of silence. Like now.


  1. gorgeous photos and writing hayley!
    i'd love to visit.

  2. cècapito, la città ddddd'arte, i fflowers! jajajaja! belle le foto, e ti capisco per il fatto del silenzio. Da me c'è meno traffico, ma con la bella stagione... o ti tieni il caldo o il rumore! e poi la natura... ma va bhe, si va a vivere a un pueblo e ciao, no? andiamo tutti a santovenia da tereemari! jajajaja

  3. Where'd you get all them followers from?

    I love the little idiot.

  4. I often miss the big city London living and am constantly bemused that I seem to have ended up straight back where I started after all that travel in a previous life. The compromise is that I can hear the wind through the trees as I type...

    (Hey well done you de-lurker you!)

  5. oh wow, how beautiful~! Most exciting thing I did this week was go to the 'French quarter' and ate Ramen noodles

  6. Terrific photos. Sounds like you had a lovely time:)

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Hayley. Funny enough Im still searching for my own 'style' but I like retro!! I never thought of it that way, but I like it! Thanks.

    I enjoy reading your posts! You have a very uncomplicated writing style which is refreshing and lovely to read. I have to stop myself from wanting to "fluff up" my words when I write!

    So Im curious as to how you came to leave Oz and live in Spain? From what I've gatherered your pursuing your art over there? Are you studying abroad?

    Kaili xx

  8. Kaili,
    I've finished studying, and am living here because my partner is doing a phd in musicology at the uni here. Trying to pursue art, yes, like all of us. It's a struggle sometimes but we have to push forward...

  9. Hi Hayley, Thanks for your sweet comment. I bet you don't realize how envious the rest of the world is of you. I have been thru France & Germany (loved it) and would love to see Spain! Also your preg. fairy is much more than you think. Sinc, Sue

  10. laberinto de la vida,en definitiva!


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