Monday, 23 March 2009

Indian Yellow

Has anyone read this?

I found it so inspiring, I actually went to buy a pad of arches and set myself the task of painting 14 watercolours in 14 days.

They aren't anything to write home about. Very reminiscent of my teenage paintings with a lot of wild lines, scribbles and collage thrown in. A big veer away from the collection I'm working on, but that's ok. Good to try new things, and GREAT to find such an inspiring read. I might post some pictures later (yes, I'm a little self-conscious).

An interesting side point- Last night I was splashing around in watercolour happiness using a nice, mid-priced set I bought last year, only to find it had no indian (saffron) yellow, or even deep cadmium. Cadmium pale and Primary Lemon.

I'd like to take advantage of this public communication vessel to celebrate the beauty of that colour, that's what that photo there is about.

We are so drawn to different shades and colours. I used to think I painted in blues to balance out the earthiness of my capricorn self. Now I use nearly all ochres, browns and beigey neutrals. So go figure.


  1. hI Hayley, I love saffron too. But I'm REALLY drawn to the heavy sedimentary pigments, like cobalt blue,cobalt violet,manganese blue,and the oxides. If you don't have any,treat yourself to a couple and use lots of water. Have fun, Sue

  2. Miss Hayley! I'm so excited about your post. No, I haven't read Indian Yellow but it sounds/looks beautiful so I will look into it. Is the dot yours? I call it a dot because at first glance I thought you might be mentioning one of my most favorite books, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. It's a children's book but oh so profound for me. I think if you google Peter Reynolds and go to his site you can see an online version of the book. It's about making dots, dots of all kinds and how we all have some creativeness in us. I think every artist appreciates that book on some level.

    If someone asks me my favorite color, you probably won't believe it, but its black. In art, black is the sum of all colors. In lighting, as you know, it is the lack of color. I like that contradiction. And,all colors look brighter next to black and I look skinnier in black!

    We are sisters - we are both Capricorns! Souls on the same plane.

    Have to go catch up on your other posts. I loved this one.

  3. Sounds interesting! It's only from painting more vivid watercolours recently that I realise I'm missing colours - I definitely need some indian yellow now, and I'll have to check out that book, thanks :-)

  4. Off to read about colour!I have a small set of water colour paints but have never used them! I've been meaning to find time but never seem to. I love the deep egg yolky yellows.
    Cheers, Shelagh

  5. Indian Yellow...hmmmm, I'll have to check it out. I too tend to gravitate toward ochres, golden yellows especially with red oxide.
    It seems I'm always using up those colors first.
    I like your glowing orb.

  6. Hi Hayley! I'm back! I sent off your art yesterday. Let me know when it gets there. I couldn't insure it because it would've cost $14 so I hope it gets there okay.

    There's a little surprise waiting for you at my blog! Enjoy!


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