Friday, 1 October 2010

After 5 months

Writing and self-publishing was such a good excercise for me. I don't know why I stopped. I think it happened when I was made suddenly aware (by a psychologist, interviewing me for a place in a master of art therapy) that googling my name brought up a page that may not be filled with my innermost thoughts, but certainly contains alot of information about my personal life.

I suppose that was obvious... and it doesn't matter I suppose.

I need to write, now more than ever.

Because I live in a foreign country, no, make that 2 foreign countries. And that can be difficult, funny and always interesting. Need to soak it up. Documenting these experiences is almost a responsibility.

Because Salva and I have a place for dreaming, to call our very own.

and then there is that fact that enters into our every single conversation.

Yes, approaching 20 weeks of pregnancy, we are starting to act as though we are the first people ever to reproduce.
His words today: "I'm so excited, do you think everyone feels this way?"

If I can start writing again, perhaps I can make some space in my head for some other possible topics of conversation.

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  1. Holy heck woman! You have been keeping a lid on things!

    That first pregnancy happens only once and I can't possibly see why you should think/talk about anything else. The outside world keeps spinning and it's still there when you pop your head in the door.

    Hearty congratulations to the both of you - and lovely to see you back online.


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