Sunday, 7 November 2010

To-Do not Done.

To Do.
1. Book midwife appointment.

2.Book doctor's appointment for medical (read proof of pregnancy) certificate, begin legal process against school who will not refund pre-enrollment fees due to pregnancy and subsequent inability to attend art-therapy master in Barcelona.

3. Begin new translation job, work on website.

4. Organise obtaining business tax-number from some European country (see #3 and #10)

5. Borrow/Buy remaining baby-care tools. (Bath, Mattress, Cloth Nappies. I'm sure there's more...)

6. Organise baby space. (gently remind S of his undertaking to make the cot, perhaps with a calender or a daily automatic email headed "Days left to make cot" Granted, they are many, but we are talking gestation time, which is scientifically proven to run both painfully slow and excruciatingly fast at the same time...)

7.Band practice with Yurlak for concert on Friday night. (Find something to wear for said concert. Or buy something. Don't cut tags, Keep receipt....)

8. Band practice with AzzBand for concert on 2nd December.

9. Update portfolio with images from Red Paintings exhibition.

10. Finish writing children's art workshop plans, translate them.

I'm sure there's more.

This is what you want. A weekend where you don't really leave the house, but that is good. First in-house yoga session in about 8 years. Meditation. Cups of rooibos. Falling asleep at the beginning of excellent films. Hearing about them later.
Porcini mushroom risotto, not actually attacking the to-do list, but making one.

On Saturday morning I woke up, laid a mat on the floor and breathed for 15 minutes, moved into various yoga postures for another 15, and spent the rest of the day wondering why I don't do that every day. (I also tried and failed with #9, as there wasn't really great light for photography, but not even the frustration from spending an hour without one decent shot was going to get me down...)

This morning I woke up, drank a coffee, put on some music, sat on the floor and cut scraps of fabric into triangles, sewed them together and completed the first project with my sewing machine that is not square or cushion-filled. I made a risotto from the dried porcini we brought back from Italy, then more music, more sewing.
Unless you consider #6 at a stretch, (those vintagey triangle shaped prayer flags looking things aren't exactly vital for the baby's corner) it was a project that wasn't on the list.

But it was just nice to complete something, and today was Sunday, so..

Tomorrow I'll get to the list.


  1. If you ever feel the need to be freak-out challenged by the list, come see mine.

  2. I'm going to that little bed, don't

  3. Good on you for having a list. I am just working on the immediate, pressing thing right in front of me. There's been no time for lists at my place.


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