Thursday, 27 October 2011

When Life is Like a Film.

On the first morning here we both wore boots. Hers white and fluffy with bunny faces, mine clunky and black, the same pair that has got me through the past three long winters. I rugged us both up in something fleecy, strapped her to my chest and pulled her strawberry hat down over her ears. We walked out into the grey morning, over the ancient roman footbridge and up the hill into the city.

Coming out of a café were 3 very very blonde people of different sizes. One a bit bigger than Coco, also tucked into a pouch on his Mama. Same brand, hers a kind of sage colour. We exchanged a smile and a nod the way motorcyclists and truck drivers do.

Then there was a pilgrim man attired in expensive camping-wear, with those sticks people use for the serious walking of very long distances.

When I got to the university there was a group of people photographing its enormous doors.

"Is it big or small?"

I heard a exaggeratedly drawling, stilted american accent, not quite right. It belonged to a Japanese girl.

"I think it's very small."

Quebec. There's one I know well.

They were talking about the frog hidden amongst the intricate carvings of the university walls. I stopped and waited for them to take the photograph, but the Japanese girl was just using her zoom to try and find the frog. She giggled and waved at me to pass by. Big, embarrassed gestures.

Coco and I went into the faculty to solve some problems. We spent an hour in the computer room and turned back home.

As we approached the footbridge from the other side, my chin was tucked down against my chest, giving me a better view of Coco's face. She'd fallen asleep huddled against me in the ergo. My eyes flicked up to two girls taking photographs of each other. I took in their layered backdrop. Stone wall to the waist, fast flowing river, golden orange leaves, glowing earth coloured city with it's various architectural jewels looming over the roof tops. They were both wearing heavy grey winter coats, expensive boots and sunglasses. The same two searching for the frog. I wonder if they found it? I never have. If you can find it without help the legend says you'll be married within the year.

I overtook them as they finished their photographs and continued along the bridge behind me. They noticed us pass, and began to talk about babies.

"Would you like to adopt a baby?"

The French Canadian accent asked loudly and excitedly.

I didn't hear the Japanese girl's response, but the tone seemed indecisive, and the Canadian girl continued

"Yes that's true, but my mother told me something once:"

And she paused deeply for effect.

"It is the most wonderful time in any woman's life."

Her voice echoed around the hand-built stone walls as I kissed the upturned sleeping little face, and pulled her knitted hat down over her baby ears. I half-smiled to myself and thought-

I must remember to write that down in my blog.


  1. good gawd woman. how do you make me cry with every post. you are the epitome of simple beauty.

  2. Good girl. (for remembering to write that down in your blog).

  3. I cannot help but notice the deeper you get into your academic semester, the more prolific and profound are your blog posts........
    you are right though; it is the most wonderful time of a woman's life.
    How wonderful for you to know it at the time


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