Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fatalism for the Five-Year-Old

Now I know what the blog is all about. Sometimes, when someone is a bitch to you, you just need someone to agree with you about it. I'm feeling better about the last post.

I had an English class with some 5 year-old Spaniards today. I was naming an object on a colouring-in sheet, and telling them what colour it was. There were 4 students, and 2, maximum 3 of each coloured crayon. (You can see how the game has a competitive, musical chairs kind of feel to it...)

So I would call things out. "Strawberry......RED!" "Flower....BLUE!"

Then I got a bit distracted (the game is not that stimulating for me).
"Sock....RED! oh no, sorry... Sock.....GREEN!"

The two initial winners of the red crayons stared at me in disbelief, and down at their half red-coloured sock in dismay. The slower two seized the opportunity to grab the green crayons, and begin colouring their un-marked sock with chattery glee.

"Your sock is ruined. It's coloured half-red because Hayley played a trick on us. (not true) I'm glad I didn't win just then, because I would have wrecked my work",proclaimed one of them.

The guilt of having stuffed-up was outweighed by the feeling of having contributed to this valuble life-lesson kind of moment. So I didn't even offer the "winners" another photocopy...


  1. Wow! thats mean...poor little perfectionists have gone home and hurled their multi-coloured sock pictures into the fire!

  2. I like your perspective on things.

  3. Good on you. Communication is not about getting it right, it's about having received and understood the message. Hard lesson for five year olds, but I like your style.

  4. Hilarious. You've just qualified for motherhood.


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