Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More on Masters.

When I was at Uni I would dread every semester thinking that it was all going to be so hard... and that this was the semester that everyone would see through me, and I would endure harsh punishment, humiliation and just general public criticism for not dedicating 10 hours per week per subject.

Once I'd get into the swing of things, however, everything usually panned out more than ok. I got really good results for most of my subjects, but I still don't know how much I deserved them.

My degree was in Linguistics and Italian Studies. The first comes so freakishly naturally to me it's not funny, and I'm not bragging, because being gifted in Linguistics gives you little to talk about with anyone.

Most people don't quite understand what it is. They say "What languages?" and then you need to explain what applied linguistics is, and you are usually left standing alone in a room at the dinner party, with one or two bored polite people if you're lucky. If you're unlucky, you find a fellow enthusiast, and we are similar to trekkies or those people who learn elvish which is the language Tolkein invented for fictional purposes. Not that there is anything wrong with these people, we all have our interests. It's just that it's isolating, you know?

Another problem with a degree in the way we use words is that it never leaves you. The observations are endless. Odds are, if you know someone who's a bit weird, but you just can't put your finger on it, I can tell you what the problem is. Then it'll annoy you too.

The second major was taught in a language I learnt onsite while still a teenager, so I feel like a bit of a cheat.

Now I'm looking into masters. In fine arts this time, and there is no hiding behind anything there. I'm determined to find my place in all of this.. but I have to say, I'm feeling quite vulnerable and out of my depth about it. Don't know how I'm going to fudge my way through this one, even if someone does accept me, somewhere...


  1. prima di imboccare una strada nuova, o anche solo affrontare un frammento importante di una strada già nota, è normale sentirsi vulnerabili. esporsi al giudizio degli altri non è mai facile, ma gli amici esistono per questo, per farti sentire protetta. go on hayley, e non dimenticarti di mantenermi quando sarai ricca e famosa! jajajaja un bacio

  2. Pah! You'll sail through it without a hint of a fudge, but thirty years down the track you'll still be looking over your shoulder waiting to see if you'll be 'found out' this time. I used to work for a seriously excellent and famous designer. Even at 66 he was nervously waiting for the day his cover was blown.

  3. I recognize a lot of what you're saying, busy finishing my masters on education (doesn't work on parties either :s) and busy developing myself creatively for like..well forever and now I am (again) considering fine arts (part time). I guess it's scary but worth it :)

  4. What do I REALLY think? I am thinking: I feel the same way, but for different reasons. I am due to start my fine arts degree this year, and I'm scared! Scared its the wrong choice of degree, scared I'll be crap, and scared that the fine art lecturers will screw with my head. It doesn't help that my dad (who is an animator) seems to agree.

    PS. I hope you find somewhere that will take you! It sounds like your more sure of yourself than me!

  5. I think a talent for art and a talent for linguistics is a marriage made in heaven.

  6. A little something for you on my blog.
    Peace & Love

  7. are you kidding? you are going to do great! oh the things you will create...


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