Monday, 15 February 2010


In my blog.
In my house.
In my heart.
Lots of quiet here lately.

I was temporarily abandoned in the name of sunnier climates and field research about a week ago. I'm leaving too (for somewhere else) in about a week, which will be so overdue and really nice. But in the meantime... All I can think of is this :(
A Colon and an open bracket are summing me up right now.

When he left the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. And we didn't have many degrees to play around with, I'm telling you.

I keep complaining about the cold to excuse myself for feeling so sad, because it doesn't feel right to just feel sad because he is working away for 6 weeks.

But maybe it is... He is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.


  1. yeah, but I'm your da, and I'll see you soon, so close the bracket:)

  2. There's six weeks and there's six weeks, don'tchathink? For example, six week summer school holidays FLY by when you're a kid but the middle of winter slog through a European February...sheesh. Eat much chocolate and listen to Gerard (cos he's funny). Promise I'm not typing flippant words - I remember only too well the sort of six weeks you have in front of you (yet to check myself in for some backdated therapy) - but I bet there's some good coming out of it too...

  3. non scrivi piú nuovi post? mi piacerebbe sapere i tuoi pensieri..


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