Sunday, 7 March 2010


1. The sound of the ocean all through the night, through the day, whenever you start listening.
2. Walks with Dad over the headland. Glimpses of water so big that you almost have to look away...Because not only is it too beautiful, but just too big.
3. Short and sweet phonecalls with Salva. Hearing the bustle of Buenos Aires from the calm of Coffs Harbour. When I hang up the phone I can hear the contrasting, exaggerated silence.
4. Lots of laughs with my little brother.
5. Trivial Pursuit with all 4 family members. I get the easiest questions wrong and provoke incredulous laughter. My brother gets everything right. If he doesn't know the answer he makes an educated guess based on other knowledge. He won two games. I continue to imagine Salva playing with us and the fun we'd have if he were here.
6. Going through family photos for the first time ever. Not baby albums, but a suitcase filled with rolls and rolls of film developed, with their negatives. There are photos of me as a baby. Good ones, that look like me, except as a baby. There are some black and white portraits of my parents taken in 1984. Dad asked me to take a 26-years-later shot in black and white today. The differences aren't as dramatic as he thinks, which was nice.
7. Reading The Slap which took me back to Melbourne for an overdue immaginary visit.
8. The best chocolate biscuits money can buy.
9. The temporary relaxation of my low-caffeine policy.
10. Lots of sleep, for most of the sunless hours.


  1. i can picture everything. hugs dear hayley!

  2. You're doing Back in Australia beautifully. But now I want to know which are the best chocolate biscuits money can buy? Tim Tams? Mint Slice? Something posh? I just need to know that I'm not missing something important.

    If you stop being all imaginary over Melbourne, I'll buy you a coffee.

  3. Ah, sounds like a nice way to spend your break. Oooh, The Slap. I keep meaning to seek it out.

  4. I hope you are enjoying your trip. It sounds so beautiful...and i hope you are not missing Salva too much : ( although reunions after absences are my favorite!

  5. Oceans, good conversations and laughter - beautiful music.

  6. I'd really like to be there and listen with you the beautiful sound of the big ocean...miss u too xxx


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