Thursday, 25 March 2010


7am is alright. So why does it feel so wrong? What time is it in Australia? No, that is not good maths to do. I should think about time in SPAIN, because that is where I am. Hmmm.
40 hours is a short time for say, a weekend in Paris, but a very LONG time to spend in aeroplanes, airports and buses.
40 hours is also a long time to wait, finally in the quiet peacefulness of your house for the person who makes it home. Longer when it's already been 6 weeks of waiting.
A month is not much time to spend in your home country with the family you came from after 20 months of emails and phone calls. It sure is a long time to stay away from your fun-loving, music-playing soul friend.
9 months is quite long to wait for family joking and perhaps a second round of trivial pursuit, but perhaps not quite enough time to study all the questions in the latest edition.

It's a tough one.

I will put photos up soon, I don't know how long that will take, only that it will be a long time.


  1. The middle kid was telling me how tough waiting is this past week. Desperate for the holidays he tried to really, really, really like school, (even the craft lessons), so it would hurry up and be over quicker. Hmn. Course today, the first holiday day, has FLOWN by...

    Hope that main bit of waiting is over, red rover.

  2. I will be patient and look forward to seeing them.


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