Friday, 13 November 2009


I've been trying to make an exhibition happen ever since I came to live here in Valladolid, and since then I've gone into my studio just about every morning and made something.
Some of it is stupid and some of it is good. Now I have enough good stuff to frame and put on some walls for three weeks.

I really wanted to have a great party, and I even invited my best friend to come over from London for the weekend of the opening, but I had to shift the dates and he is now coming the weekend before the opening. A minor detail, but the first in a list of things that have gone wrong, making me really disappointed about what was supposed to be my event. I might feel better about this if there were more opportunities to exhibit here, but there are not. It's a small city and the art scene is dwindling.

...Oh Well...

On a more positive note, here is a moment I caught between Salva, his friend Kique and one of Kique's new twins, Luisa. (You think I should try to sell it to a gay adoption agency?) Seriously, though... we don't have to joke about everything...

I actually think it has captured a bit of softness here as S considers this little one. Had the subjects been women it might have still been nice, but it's the contrast that makes it. Here is a rare, breath-taking kind of moment rarely seen between men. Quite precious.


  1. it is breath-taking and full of emotions!
    i love it.

  2. It's been a week of small irritations here too.
    The photo is glorious. Just glorious.

  3. this photo is great,my face is a little bit tang..

  4. Breathtaking. Sweet. So tender!

  5. You're spot on on the breathtaking bit. Makes me come over all wobbly-lip. As far as the first bit with nothing happening to plan goes, TELL ME ABOUT IT. I'm blaming the moon. Or some sort of irritating planetary alignment malfunction.

  6. I love this shot with all its light and shadow, strength and softness. Really, it's beautiful.


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