Tuesday, 24 November 2009


My hair was falling out at an alarming rate a month or so ago, but It seems to have stopped.

My jam-making has come to a stand-still.

My little computer was taken violently ill on Friday. We took her to computer hospital where she was admitted by a computer doctor with a suitably appalling bedside manner. (I know it's a sweeping generalisation, but you don't want your IT guy to be charming, do you? Social ineptitude can be a good sign in these guys...) I wanted to sleep there next to her in a fold out chair/cot, but Salva convinced me it would be better to stay strong and wait for the news. It turns out it's like macbook appendicitis, you know, dangerous but accute, has to be caught in time. She's coming home on Friday.*

This week I was able for the first time, since moving here, to put up a themed exhibition.

It's great! At least, I think it is. It's been up since Sunday evening but I havn't seen it yet. Does that seem strange? I took them in on Sunday evening and the organization man seemed to take his curating fairly seriously.. He sent me on my way and I have yet to return.

I was going to go tonight, but by the time I finished working I emerged into the type of fog that should only surface in those films set in Chicago where everyone wears hats and says "the cats pyjamas". In a land where red wine was against the law, the fog added to the hellish atmosphere, and it does here too...

Anyway. I've heard the exhibition is good. Salva called on my behalf last night and was told that there have been positive comments, and my face was spreading with smile while I tried to remain cool. I'm "opening" it on Friday night, so hopefully I'll have perfected the raised eyebrow, sophisticated "thankyou" down by then. Maybe I'll get a photo of me doing it.

My best friend came over for the weekend. We had one night of home-made Panzarotti that finished with a spontaneous performance in the Italian restaurant downstairs. The other was a tapas crawl. There was time for a few coffee dates and long catching-up chats in between. And it was lovely. I really need friends.

During the car trip home from Madrid a week earlier, I spilled to Salva about how I am feeling this now. I've always been the type of person to have few close friends, but keep them very close. In the last 5 years I've lived in Siena, Bologna, Melbourne,and even England for a time. It's always been the same. I go for quality over quantity when it comes to friendships, which although I am always with my partner, leaves me a little lonely, because sometimes you want to talk about the same thing again and again but you can't do that with the same person (it's like re-telling a joke, or worse, explaining it)...

Maybe I should stop being such a friendship snob. (blogpost interrupted by call from Mum, who agrees.)

In other news, We are going to Dublin for the weekend, and I'm enrolling in an online Masters of Fine Arts.

That's it for now.

*The hospital comparison got me a laugh from a Spaniard (difficult) the other day...just re-working it here.


  1. I'm betting that Macbook appendicitis had something to do with a 'motherboard'. Am I right? Or am I right? Not that I'm one of those socially inept IT doctors or nuffin'.

  2. That's a lot of news. I hope the opening goes well. I am sure it will. Fabulous stuff, I am sure.
    Hope the Macbook feels better.
    Onlines Masters. Wow, that's big.
    Dublin, oi, I don't want to hear about trippin' about, I am stuck still for a bit.
    The friend thing. Sounds like you've got a healthy friend thing going on from where I sit, but I can do both - happy in my own skin and with my own company, but equally happy with me mates. Miss them, in fact. One is overseas at the moment.

  3. hey! my mac was making some funky noises a couple of days ago too- then it stopped... bestest best luck with your show! i know it´ll be fabulous! and i´ve always found that quality over quantity works best... besos!

  4. Life is busy! Congrats on the exhibition!Exciting:)
    Better to have one really really good friend than a dozen regular ones but...having said that, it IS nice to have some people to chum around with occasionally:)

  5. Hey sweetness... just wanted to stop by and say hi. Speaking of friendships... I have completely shut down recently and am finally opening back up. To me, the best friends you can have are those who love you enough to know when to give you space and when you need an embrace. :)

    Thank you for your kind words...


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