Friday, 4 December 2009

On Blogging

Blogging is weird.

My Dad once said that he didn't get the idea of a public journal. I guess I should have reminded him about all the self-publishing urges that proceeded the blog. The Letter to The Editor writer? That's a pre-blogger. The toilet graffiti artist is a frustrated blogger, and the sky-writer might just be the "celebrity" blogger that has so much traffic that they have sponsors and so many comments that they have to turn them off...

I was explaining the blog phenomonen to a friend over the weekend, and suprised myself with the explanation of why I do it.

It started as a way to show my art, and it still is primarily. It has also become a convenient story-telling site for whoever happens to be interested (my mind flicks to the scene in Julie and Julia where she happily receives her first comment on a post and opens it only to find it's from her Mum).

For me it's so much better than an actual journal because the fact that I have to express myself coherently is a writing exercise, which is really nice. It also means I can actually understand myself when I go back to read it.

The downside is that sometimes I have to read through my own lines to remember what I was actually feeling on any given day, because I can't bare all on here, just can't. It's strange that the majority of blogs I read are big, soft, intimate spilling types.

That allows for connection with others which is probably, really, what it's all supposed to be about.


  1. I get that you just can't 'bare all'. But your blog is always a delight and does that balance between art and life beautifully. This I type after publishing the world's longest post! At this moment I would like to hold back a whole lot more. But it was cathartic, a writing exercise and I owed it to me and my daughter. If it wasn't for a blog I would never have written it. (I pledge short and snappy for the rest of the year!)...

  2. An interesting and thought provoking post! I'm a fairly private person by nature, so I even I find it curious that I blog.


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