Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I had my exhibition and it went kind of well.

People were positive, and they seemed genuine. It was a really positive, encouraging experience for me.

Now I just need to:
Enrol in my masters.
Start planning my next show.
Open my etsy shop. (I'm seriously blocked about this.. I've been saying it for months and months. I just have this vision of a dust covered etsy shop with tumble weeds blowing through it for a few weeks before sadly hanging a little wooden closed sign on its door) - *Sigh. Must open it anyway, it's stupid not to have one, don't you think?


  1. well it seems you got your achivement :)



  2. Well done!! Your exhibition would have been wonderful I'm sure. Make sure you acknowledge what alot of heart and soul you put in to it before you start your list. It's a big thing to put your work out there and you should be so proud of yourself. As for the Etsy shop, maybe ask friends to help you set it up, it's not too hard but might be more fun to do with someone else. Good luck xo

  3. Look at all those folk! congrats, thats awesome!

  4. Congratulations!

    I just wandered over here from Spain Daily and I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks!

  5. You're sort of sounding like me when it's just about me. So now I'm going to sound like me when I'm doing nagging kind of Mum...

    Step back a tick. Look around with honest eyes and breathe it all in. You did all that. Maybe you should take a look with a glass of wine in your hand. Then I'll let you make your list.

    As far as Etsy shops go, 'course you should but I haven't for precisely the same reason as yours...

  6. What a beautiful display! Wow. What an impression they make all framed in a perfect lit row.


  7. What a wonderful setting. It must have been an exciting night. Lovely to see all your work up on the wall:)Congratulations!

  8. Ooh, so many plans and so many things going well. Well done you. Very exciting.
    Ah, the shoes. They have me skipping - except for on wet days, I won't wear them in the rain. They're too pretty to get mucky.

  9. congratulations! it looks wonderful. i´ve also been saying i´m going to open an etsy shop- but for me the "0 sales" freaks me out... nothing you´d have to worry about. besos!


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